KIDS&Co. Bilingual Kindergartens invites all Parents to attend the free webinar

środa 30.09.2020

KIDS&Co. Bilingual Kindergartens invites all Parents to attend the free webinar

DO NOT WORRY, your child can adapt in the Polish kindergarten!

30th of September 5 p.m.

The webinar will lead:

Katarzyna Kalbarczyk

Currently the Preschool Director. English teacher with many years of experience in didactic and educational work at all levels of education.

One of the important features that distinguish her is the ability to prepare and conduct classes in such a way that students like learning a language and treat it as an essential tool in the communication process.

Conscious and sensitive to each child’s needs, diversity and abilities, she radiates deep kindness, power and creative energy. She emphasizes the individualization of teaching, the use of activating methods and the creation of an appropriate environment and atmosphere for language learning.

Privately a lover of discovering new places on the map of Poland, a fan of tasty cuisine and cats.

„Multicultural kindergarten as an ideal space for education and social development allows me to create a place where every child, regardless of the differences, feels taken care of and safe. I teach, raise and raise passion, and I believe that the cooperation with parents is the most important element in the complex and difficult process of educating and raising children.”

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